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Department of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School

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Welcome to the Gygi Lab

We are interested in developing and applying new technologies in the fields of mass spectrometry and proteomics.

Mass Spectrometry

At the heart of all aspects of our lab is protein sequencing by mass spectrometry. Simplified greatly, a tandem mass spectrometer can "sequence" a peptide ion by first measuring the mass of the peptide and then selectively isolating and gently fragmenting that peptide at peptide bonds followed by mass measurement of the fragment ions.

Technology Development

The Gygi lab is constantly driving to improve acquisition efficiency and methodological robustness to ensure that we generate the highest-quality data possible.


We have a number of very exciting projects including quantitative proteomic analysis of the CCLE, the BioPlex Interactome, intelligent data acquisition strategies, and many more...

Team Gygi

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Steve discusses the more than 50% decrease in the amount of time it takes to run multiplexing analyses with Real-Time Search (RTS) on the Orbitrap Eclipse Tribrid MS.

Devin and Qing discuss faster analyses and improved quantification accuracy with Real-Time Search (RTS) and the Orbitrap Eclipse Tribrid MS.

How we name instruments, software, and everything else in the Gygi lab!

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