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The lab of Professor Steve Gygi in the Cell Biology Department at Harvard Medical School is a world leader in development and applications of proteomics technology to characterize and quantify complex mixtures of proteins and their post-translational modifications from virtually any biological source. Independently and in collaboration with colleagues in both industry and academia, we use these proteomics tools to address a wide range of important biological questions ranging from basic cell biology to cancer biology and drug discovery efforts. We are seeking a lab technician to join our growing team (entry level to experienced) to conduct both independent and collaborative projects. For more information on the lab, see

Salary/Rate: $25 - $36/hour based on experience

Position Overview:This position is a unique opportunity to join a leading team and apply state-of-the-art mass spectrometry and proteomics methodologies to address a wide variety of important biological questions. Research will be focused on preparation of various samples (e.g. tissues, cell pellets, protein extracts) for proteomics analysis. Depending on the experiment, this includes protein extraction, both in-gel and solution tryptic digests, and peptide sample clean-up. In some cases, TMT labeling, enrichment of post-translationally-modified peptides, and online or off-line fractionation of digested peptides may be required. The successful candidate will spend much of their time preparing samples independently for internal and external collaborators and clients, though there will be opportunities to participate in large-scale collaborative projects as well. Successful candidates will gain broad experience in the full range of modern proteomics technology while working as a key member of a highly collaborative and collegial team to address a wide range of important biomedical research questions.

• Preparation of proteomics samples, including protein extraction, in-gel and solution tryptic digests, and sample clean-up (stage tips, SP3, etc)
• TMT labeling of proteomics samples
• Online and offline fractionation of digested peptides
• Affinity enrichment of post-translational modifications (phosphorylation, ubiquitination, etc)
• Perform independent analyses as required

• Prior experience in (bio)analytical chemistry, including method development and troubleshooting
• Prior experience preparing biological samples (especially protein samples) for analysis
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Strong organizational skills and attention to detail for multi-sample preparation
• Prior experience with mass spectrometry and/or proteomics is a plus
• 0-5 years industry experience, research experience (internship/independent study/thesis) is required

Education Requirements:
• Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree Required
• BS/BA/MS in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or similar.

• Benefits are standard for Harvard Medical School employees.

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Position Overview:
Human cells have the potential to make approximately 20,000 different proteins; but how and where are these proteins expressed? How do these proteins work together to enable life in individual cells and entire organisms, and how can their dysregulation contribute to human disease? In the Gygi lab we are developing state-of-the-art mass spectrometry and proteomics technology to address these kinds of scientific questions. This work depends on our computational pipeline that converts mass spectrometry data into quantitative datasets that may be mined for biological insight. We are seeking a software developer to maintain and further develop this platform to support both internal and external research efforts.

This position is a unique opportunity to develop software that will enable cutting-edge biomedical research as a member of a world-class mass spectrometry lab. We are looking for someone with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry, or related fields with a demonstrated interest in software development. The ideal candidate would be a full-stack web developer who is comfortable with Linux and can contribute to all stages of the development life cycle and who can design and manage relational databases. This work will include maintenance and development of an existing web application built with PHP in a LAMP environment. We also desire candidates with previous experience developing web-based interfaces for visualization and manipulation. While we do not expect applicants to have prior experience with mass spectrometry and proteomics, an interest in basic biology and a willingness to learn more about computational analysis of mass spectrometry data is highly desirable.

• Develop and maintain web-based software for analysis and visualization of large-scale proteomics datasets
• Implement novel tools and algorithms for analysis and visualization of proteomics datasets independently and in collaboration with Gygi lab members
• Provide technical support for internal and external software users
• Administer lab servers
• Maintain lab websites

• Experience with full-stack web development
• Languages: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, C++, Python (multiple languages are optional, but encouraged)
• R and R-Shiny (Optional, but encouraged)
• Database: MySQL
• System: Linux, Unix
• Version Control: Git
• Testing and Deployment: Jenkins, Docker, RPM/Debian packages
• Basic familiarity with biology and chemistry (optional)
• Knowledge of mass spectrometry, proteomics, and/or bioinformatics (optional)

Education Requirements:
• Bachelor’s or Master’s degree required in Computer Science, Computational Biology/Bioinformatics or similar
• We will also consider applicants with degrees in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and related fields with demonstrated interest in software development

• Benefits are standard for Harvard Medical School employees.

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